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PicoMaster holographic origination systems: the ideal tools to produce Optical Variable Devices, Fresnel lenses and other blazed grating images

Excellent performance in creating 3D micro structures

Benefits holographic origination systems

The PicoMaster is a versatile UV laser direct writer with ultra high precision components, specifically designed to give the user the highest degree of freedom to create micro structures in photo sensitive layers. With an output of over 1200 lines per mm the user friendly holographic origination systems by 4PICO Litho provide excellent performance. Our distinctive holographic design software PicoHLD supports many pre installed holographic effects and calculates gratings & structures itself. The ease with which effects can be combined is astounding. Combine or create numerous high quality effects to distinguish and secure your product. The systems provide unique opportunities for R&D and high speed mass production.


introducing PicoMaster XF 500-H for versatile high speed production. Expected maximum recording time 500 x 500 mm: 28 hours.

Find out more about the Hologram & Lens Designer (HLD) software, the various holographic systems and sample effects.

  • Very high resolution: up to 2000 lines per mm and more, depending on the type of PicoMaster.
  • User friendly dedicated holographic design software: PicoHLD with many pre-installed libraries.
  • Very easy to combine effects.
  • Open software interface enables users to add proprietary algorithms to the libraries.
  • Real time laser controlled auto focus: superb surface tracking of substrates with large height differences.
  • Up to 256 levels of grayscale or pure binary mode. Grayscale writing allows for blazed gratings and other types of gratings.
  • Short preparation time required using PicoHLD and PicoMaster Machine Controller applications.
  • On the fly processing of jobs, minimum pre-processing required.
  • Minimal maintenance costs, no regular maintenance required.
  • Optical Module: use a spare optical module for revolutionary machine downtime reduction.