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All holographic origination systems by 4PICO Litho are user-friendly tools with remarkable software. With this dedicated holographic design software Pico HLD and many pre-installed holographic effects the design proces has never been easier. The software will calculate gratings and structures itself. A unique starting point for your research and innovations and an indispensable quality in the process of mass production. The range of holographic systems guarantee any project to be efficient, smooth, and worry-free. Therefore the systems stimulate innovations and high speed production to the fullest for a variety of applications. 



Installation of an optical module is quick & easy. The holographic origination systems are equipped with an easily interchangeable compact optical module; machine downtime is reduced revolutionary. The systems require no regular maintenance such as lens changes. 4PICO Litho provides excellent service opportunities by remote customer support and local service engineers.


PicoMaster 100-H

Direct laser writing system for up to 4” x 4” exposable area. This table-top system is a versatile UV laser writer with ultra-high precision components. The user-friendly PicoMaster tools are characterized by providing the highest degree of freedom to create micro structures as small as 300nm in photosensitive layers. Specs


PicoMaster 150-H / 200-H

Industrial direct laser writer for up to 6” x 6” (150-H) and 8” x 8” (200-H) exposable area. These PicoMaster systems contain a touchscreen controller and is furnished with holographic libraries and pattern generator. The systems can be extended with an auto loader, coating line or other features. Specs


PicoMaster XF 500-H

Industrial direct laser writer for up to 500 mm x 500 mm (19,7” x 19,7”) substrates: large area holographic origination equipment supporting ultimate speed! This direct laser writer is ideal for the production of Fresnel lenses and other blazed grating images. The dedicated PicoHLD software supports many pre-installed holographic effects and calculates gratings & structures itself. Easily combine effects, add your own algorithms and structures to customize your library and create perfection. Specs


PicoSDC modules for PicoMaster systems

Automated processing modules for outstanding performance, specialised processing in repeatability, uniformity and exact timed development of the exposed photo resist. 4PICO Litho presents the PicoSDC automated processing modules: PicoSDC-D Spin Developer module & PicoSDC-C Spin Coater / Hotplate module. Freely programmable process flows and multiple recipes for optimal flexibility, use as standalone systems or in compact configuration. Modules support up to 150 / 200 / 250 mm substrates. Specs


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