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PicoMaster Machine Controller and Pico Hologram & Lens Designer (PicoHLD)

The PicoMaster comes with two Windows based applications: PicoMaster Machine Controller and PicoHLD. PicoHLD allows the user to select features and combine images while PicoMaster Machine Controller processes these jobs and control the machine. Jobs are processed on the fly, reducing preparation time to the minimum. PicoMaster Machine Controller allows the operator to queue jobs, monitor progress and gives a high level of manual control features.

Features of PicoMaster Machine Controller:
– On the fly processing of jobs.
– Job queuing.
– Freely definable process and substrate recipes.
– Extended history database.
– Remote support.
– Optional: User access control through login credentials or smart card card.


PicoHDL software’s pattern generator and libraries: minimal preparation time required

PicoHLD is the most user friendly software available in the market. Use pre-installed libraries, add proprietary algorithms or parameters and combine effects very easily. PicoHLD calculates the correct gratings & structures itself!

Build in effects and pattern generator
The project manager is a dedicated tool with which the user can combine images from several sources and give each image a different effect. Each image within the total design can have transparent parts, can be scaled, rotated and ordered in front / back of other images. Effects can be: rainbow effect, a stereogram effect, true color effect, flip flop effect, DOE’s, relief effects and many more.

The designer software also allows the user to add some build in effects for which no source image is required, such as Fresnel lenses, micro lenses, micro text, backgrounds etc.

User Algorithms
The PicoHLD software supports user libraries. These libraries can be written in C# or VB.net. With these user libraries the user can create his own algorithm to calculate the laser intensity at each grid point. This allows the user to generate their own proprietary unique effect.

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Screenshot of the Hologram & Lens Designer software by 4PICO Litho