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PicoMaster 100

Direct laser writer for up to 4” x 4” substrates. This table-top system is a versatile UV laser direct writer with ultra-high precision components. The user-friendly PicoMaster tools are characterized by providing the highest degree of freedom to create micro structures as small as 300nm in photosensitive layers.

The compact maskless lithography system requires minimum cleanroom space. The massive base frame supported by isolation mounts filter out ground frequencies to ensure minimum vibrations in the system. An air-conditioning unit can be included and connected to the built-in HEPA-filter which allows for a clean cross-flow and ensures optimal system performance.


Key features:

Wafer thickness 0-10 mm

Long life 405 nm diode laser

Automatic switching between 3 write modes: 300, 500 and 900 nm

4095 grayscale levels

Area search with automatic marker recognition

<0.3 µm top side alignment accuracy


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