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PicoMaster Direct Writing Systems

Unprecedented finesse in creating micro structures in photo sensitive layers

Benefits PicoMaster systems

PicoMaster systems are user-friendly maskless lithography tools with excellent performance in producing microstructures with the highest resolution available in the market.

While enhancing the innovation strength for scientific and industrial purposes, the systems provide unique opportunities for R&D in photonic devices, Micro electronics, MEMS, 3D lithography, Optical variable devices, Diffractive optical elements and more.

Applications other than R&D are also available on the PicoMaster systems such as Mask making, Holographic origination, Micro contact printing etc.

Find out more about applications and a comparison of the MicroMaster and PicoMaster 100 / 150 / 200 lithography tools.


  • Highest resolution of 300 nm CD in the market using a 405 nm laser. Optional: 375 nm laser for more demanding applications.
  • Quality! High precision components guarantee an excellent stitching-free output.
  • Real time laser controlled auto focus! This enables superb surface tracking of substrates with large height differences.
  • Support substrates from 5 x 5 mm and upwards.
  • Compact systems. Minimum cleanroom surface required.
  • Minimal maintenance costs, no regular maintenance required.
  • Compact optical module containing all optical components such as blue laser, alignment camera, software selectable write mode and auto focus. A spare optical unit will reduce machine downtime revolutionary.
  • Quick & easy installation and user-friendly operation.
  • Minimum preparation time required using 4Pico’s realtime Project Manager software and PicoMaster Machine Controller.

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