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About us

The power of 4PICO Litho

The company is specialized in laser lithography equipment since 2004, starting with the development and production of mastering equipment for the optical media industry. Based on experience gained in the optical media industry 4PICO Litho developed the PicoMaster range to fill the gap between costly e-beam systems and low resolution mask aligners. The experts in our multidisciplinary team have installed over 70 mastering systems worldwide.

In 2021 4PICO Litho merges it’s long-standing expertise in UV laser technology for micropatterning with Raith’s leadership in nanofabrication markets. Combining 4PICO Litho’s strengths with Raith’s competences in sales, marketing, production and services makes the range of PicoMaster systems top choice for customers in need of advanced micro-fabrication equipment.

4PICO Litho is a flexible company. Specials is what we do best. The company has access to high tech suppliers in the Eindhoven Brainport region. This region is a perfect ecosystem for innovations. All developments are done in-house.

Demo samples: seeing is believing

In our laboratory we can process, write and measure state-of-the-art demo samples. Please contact us with your requests or contact your local distributor.