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PicoMaster 150

This versatile UV direct writer is capable of processing 6’’6’’substrates. The equipment requires minimum cleanroom space due to its compact stand-alone design. Installation is quick and easy.

The base frame is equipped with isolation mounts that filter out ground frequencies to ensure minimum vibrations in the system. An air-conditioning unit can be included and connected to the built-in HEPA-filter. This allows for a clean cross-flow and ensures optimal system performance. The system for maskless lithography has an integrated vacuum chuck and control PC.

Both the scan and step axis incorporate high precision air bearings, resulting in extreme low mechanical errors and fast scan movement. The standard 300 nm resolution can be lowered fully automated by using the integrated numerical aperture switch. For more demanding applications a 375 nm laser is optional.


Key features:

Stand alone system with integrated vacuum pump and control PC

long life 405 nm diode

Real-time laser controlled auto focus

4095 grayscale levels

Automatic switching between 3 write modes: 300, 500 and 900 nm

Area search with automatic marker recognition

<0.3 µm top side alignment accuracy


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